Monday, December 15, 2014

Yes, White Men, There Is A Santa!

Anyone reading here on a regular basis already knows that I have a serious addiction to both Black men and Black cock. I'm no size queen, so the size of the prize makes no difference to me. Cut, uncut, thick, average, large, extra-large, it doesn't matter to me. As long as its' owner is able to maintain an erection long enough to breed me deep and rough is what's important to me.
I do appreciate a nice dick, no matter the race. I'll suck any color or ethnicity. However, it's a Black penis that gets free pass into my ass. That's my preference, plain and simple. I am what I am.
So thank you, Santa! One for every season of the year. Left to right: winter, spring, summer, autumn. The gift that just keeps on giving, all year long! Who can ask for anything more, right?
Black Lover Naked


Monday, December 8, 2014

Season's Greeting?

If I had a holiday tree and this man had a bow on his head, I can tell you right now he wouldn't last more than five minutes under it. I'd have him in my bed before you could blink an eye. His dick is magnificent and it's not even erect yet! That is one present I could not wait for delivery! I want it all up in me and I want it now! Those low-hanging balls will fill my mouth better than Santa fills stockings!
Season's greeting? Hardly (pun intended). He's a fucking season's delight!
Black Lover Naked

Monday, December 1, 2014

World AIDS Day, 2014


December 1: World AIDS Day

Show the world that you care, wear a Red Ribbon to raise awareness.
HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.
AIDS is a result of HIV infection.
HIV can be prevented.
Only a doctor can diagnose AIDS.

For additional information:
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Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Turkey Day

Stuff The Turk by Alessio in Wonderland
Have a safe and happy holiday!
Black Lover Naked

Monday, November 17, 2014

Booty Beauty!

As a rule, I don't often publish images of a Black ass here. As a matter of fact, I don't even have a label on my list for "ass." That's because when I'm being sexed by my BF, I prefer be fucked rather than the one who fucks him. I'm usually the bottom, the receptive partner, the one who takes the dick inside my ass. It's stereotypical, I know, as most people of all races and sexual orientations automatically assume that in a Black man - White man relationship, the White man is the one who's the passive partner.

Trust me, there's nothing passive about me in bed. I can ride a Black cock as long as I like in glory, praise and worship of all the delight and pleasure it gives me. It's not that I don't notice booty, because like all red-blooded same gender loving men, I do. I just want the Black man-tool deep in my tighty-whitey hole.

Now, when my BF wants me to breed him, I'm more than willing to comply. After all, he pleases me time after time, it's only fair.

The reason this beautiful ass is here is due to the generous crop of hair covering the cakes. Damn, he's sexy as hell with all that fur. I could gaze at those fuzzy cheeks forever. I'm proud of loving to tongue a hairy hole as long as I can before getting the cock all up in mine.

This particular booty is one beauty that I just had  to share to all who visit here.

Black Lover Naked

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hiking Nude: Beach, Bald, Booty

Early November, for most of us, is an ideal time for hiking naked. The freedom of having your cock and balls swinging between your thighs, unrestricted, is the ultimate sensation of total liberation. Try it and you'll understand exactly what I mean!

For those who are able, I recommend a hike along the beach this time of year. The crowd is minimal and the scenery (especially of the man walking ahead of you) is both sensual and stimulating). Few same gender loving men will argue with me on that point.

Fill up your backpack, get out of your clothes and hit the beach, before it's too late and too cold!

Black Lover Naked

Thursday, November 6, 2014


I've posted here before of my pride in my nakedness and in my preference for Black men with all their natural body hair (non-groomed, unshaved, non-manscaped). That's me just being me, open and honest about my naked confidence and about one of the aspects about men that I personally find appealing and attractive. It is not a judgment on those who feel differently. To each his own is my philosophy.  
I don't have a perfectly defined or toned body. I am very skinny (slim) and am not muscular. I only have a moderate amount of body hair. But I do accept my body. I love my body and feel no shame in being the man that I am. All of us have physical imperfections that most of us are unable to change. We are who and what we are. It's that simple.
That's the reason I choose to keep my body hair intact and probably why I am attracted to other men who do the same. I want to be with a man who looks like a man and not a prepubescent boy. For me, no type of grooming below my neck!
Black Lover Naked