Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year Resolutions

It's a standing joke among some that all New Year resolutions are made to be broken. Unfortunately, this is sad but true. Just open your eyes and read, most goals for change are broken within the first 45 days; in other words, by Valentine's Day. So why do people even bother to make them?

I think we go through the motions because we really want to change some aspects about ourselves. No difference whether it's weight, smoking, drinking, tardiness, etc. All of us know that there's room for improvement in our lives or a bad habit that needs to be eliminated. None of us are born perfect yet spend a lot of time criticizing others for this failure.

A couple of years back, I recognized this judgmental behavior in myself and vowed to change. The most difficult trait to break was verbalizing my opinions about the negative aspects of others. I can't stop thinking those thoughts but I can stop expressing those thoughts publicly. And I did. After numerous failings, I finally have been able to suppress that impulse at least 95% of the time.

This wasn't an easy task and it didn't happen overnight. Failure was and still is frustrating. Even today, when I slip and pass judgment on another, I get angry at myself and have to renew my vow to cease this type of impulsive and negative behavior. I also have to remember that I'm not perfect and can't be expected to behave as though I am.  I'm only human, after all.

All that I can do when I falter is to keep my goal in focus, promise myself that I will do better and get back "on track." One mistake doesn't mean that I abandon the ideal and return to my old habits. I resolve all over again to end this negative aspect and congratulate me for what I've accomplished so far.

I share this thought here on Black Lover Naked II in the hope that at least one man will read it and be encouraged to make a positive change his life. Realize that all of us will stray at times and when this occurs, don't discard the dream but rather, embrace it again and move on. It isn't an easy process but the confidence that comes from knowing that change is happening gives us the courage to continue to improve. Life is a constant work-in-progress.

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aguywithoutboxers said...

Great observation, my naked friend. Happy 2013!