Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gallery: Beach I

In honor of the upcoming three-day weekend, the Labor Day holiday, here's another photo gallery. This one features black men on the beach. The Labor Day weekend is traditionally the last major beach weekend in the continental USA. Notice is the picture above, one dude (the tall one) has just dropped his swimsuit. The guy on the left hasn't gotten naked yet.

Here, two buds exchange a friendly kiss. The tall one has pulled up his swimsuit to hide his erection. Maybe they're more than just friends?

Another tongue exchange on the sand. Our tall brother has dropped his suit again. Come on, man, take the damn thing off! It's fun to be nude! I should know! My boyfriend and I are, as often as possible!

By the way, the BF and I are off on another nakation in honor of the holiday weekend. We're doing something different for a change. Camping at a nude mountain resort in nearby West Virginia. Since all meals and amenities are available onsite, we both plan to be totally naked from mid-day Friday through mid-day Tuesday. We're both urban dudes, so this should be an interesting adventure!

Black Lover Naked


gaydude65 said...

Damn!!! They all look hot, but the bald one in the first two pics is especially yummy. I could lick him from head to toe!!! ;-)

Kasnar Burns said...

Those are some beautiful pics. I especially like the tall lean one. Damn!! What a body!!! You didn't say where these pics were taken. I'd like to pay that beach a visit with guys like those on it.

Pippo baudo said...

I sucked my first black cock on the beach